About Us

Mockenhaupt is a name that’s become synonymous with Pennsylvania public employee benefits. Deeply rooted in the government sector, the company was founded in 1940 and began servicing local government pension plans in 1955. 

Mockenhaupt provides our clients with every aspect of defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plan design, administration, and compliance. This high quality work is performed by our team of experts, including actuaries, analysts, and consultants, who know all the intricacies of retirement plans. We are dedicated to handling the needs and concerns of governmental employers regarding benefits issues, with a special focus on Pennsylvania pension regulations. We provide unbiased guidance and information to our clients based on the goals of:

  • Protecting the integrity and soundness of the pension plan
  • Maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Focusing on the best interests of the employers, employees, and beneficiaries of the plan

In 1968, Mockenhaupt established one of the longest-standing municipal employee benefits trusts in the country – Municipal Employers Insurance Trust (“MEIT’), now operating as Municipal Benefits Services (“MBS”).  As of January 1, 2024, we successfully spun off our Health & Welfare Services (including the administration of MBS) as well as our Claims Audits to Benegration, forming two companies – Mockenhaupt and Benegration – with a continued alliance to provide the best services to our Retirement and Healthcare clients.

Going forward, Benegration will administer the Municipal Benefits Services (MBS) Trust that provides health and welfare employee benefit programs and related administrative services for more than 300 municipalities representing more than 7,500 employees.  Benegration also provides data warehousing services to perform financial and clinical analytics, including claims audits, for employer-sponsored employee benefits programs.  The Municipal Benefits Services website can be found directly here, and the Benegration website can be found here.