We are hiring! We are looking for an additional Senior Actuary to join our team here at Mockenhaupt Benefits Group. More information available on our News page.

UPDATE: 2021 State Aid: 2021 State Aid Values and Chart - They are available on our News page.

Making The Right Choice - Mockenhaupt Benefits Group (Updated 2021 Version)

We understand the business of public employee benefits, and we should since we've been assisting clients with their benefit needs for over 60 years. In fact, we work with more public pension plans than any other consulting firm in Pennsylvania and employ the most experienced consultants in the industry.

Here, our treatment is personal. At Mockenhaupt Benefits Group, you'll receive a dedicated consultant who will partner with you to simplify the complex laws and regulations applicable to Pennsylvania governmental plans and insurance programs. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience, knowledge of public employee benefits and personal service. And, as a client, you can rely on us to handle your questions, problems, administrative responsibilities and legislative changes.

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