Our Team

Leadership Team

Michael Boyd Chairman and CEO michael.boyd@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2520
Tracie Arnold Chief Brand Officer tracie.arnold@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2525
Eric Foley Chief Technology Officer eric.foley@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2534
Steve Solman Chief Operating Officer steve.solman@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9332


Retirement Services

A team of experienced actuaries, analysts, and client managers focused on serving every aspect a client’s defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plan needs.

Colleen Deer President, Retirement Services colleen.deer@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9333
Doug Barnes Actuarial Analyst doug.barnes@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2550
Matthew Brex Consulting Actuary matthew.brex@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2532
Erin Doerschner Administrative Assistant erin.doerschner@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2536
Denise Franchak Actuarial Analyst denise.franchak@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9304
Gabrielle Slaugenhaupt Consultant gabrielle.slaugenhaupt@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9387
Diane Sokol Actuarial Analyst diane.sokol@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9882
Hannah Sterrett Actuarial Analyst hannah.sterrett@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2553
David Stimpson Executive Vice President, Actuarial Services david.stimpson@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9306
Sue Trout Vice President, Client Relations sue.trout@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2551
Carrie Troutman Vice President, Operations carrie.troutman@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.6709
Brad Wild Senior Actuary brad.wild@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2527


Municipal Benefits Services

A comprehensive employee benefits Trust administered and serviced by a team of experienced Mockenhaupt employee benefits professionals. www.municipalbenefitsservices.com

Michael Boyd Executive Director michael.boyd@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2520
Tammy Cappo Vice President, Client Services tammy.cappo@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.6307
Kristen Chekan Client Manager kristen.chekan@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2528
Elisa Moore Manager, Administration elisa.moore@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2540



A Mockenhaupt proprietary technology platform that provides data warehousing services to perform financial and clinical analytics, including claims audits, for employer-sponsored employee benefits programs. www.benegration.com


Shayne Pickering Vice President, Analytics spickering@benegration.com 412.246.2530
Lisa Jakubiec Manager, Auditing ljakubiec@benegration.com 412.246.2533
Kressie Maricle Data Warehouse Architect kmaricle@benegration.com 412.246.2535
Eric Riley Director, Audit Services eriley@benegration.com 412.246.2524


Shared Services

Administrative functions providing foundational support to the Company’s employees and clients through Accounting, Communications, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Sales, and Technology. 

Samantha Bagwell Client Service Coordinator sam.bagwell@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2531
Ava Faller Human Resources Manager ava.faller@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2521
Hannah Newton Client Service Coordinator hannah.newton@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2555
Alison Nilsson Data Analyst alison.nilsson@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2552
Nate Shaffer Associate Developer nate.shaffer@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2523
Denise Simone Vice President, Sales denise.simone@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2529
Robin Stantz Accounting Manager robin.stantz@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9174