Our Team

Leadership Team

Michael Boyd Chairman and CEO michael.boyd@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2520
Tracie Arnold Chief Brand Officer tracie.arnold@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2525
Eric Foley Chief Technology Officer eric.foley@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2534
Steve Solman Chief Operating Officer steve.solman@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9332


Retirement Services

A team of experienced actuaries, analysts, and client managers focused on serving every aspect a client’s defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plan needs.

David Stimpson Executive Vice President, Actuarial Services david.stimpson@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9306
Carrie Troutman Executive Vice President, Retirement Services carrie.troutman@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.6709
Doug Barnes Actuarial Analyst doug.barnes@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2550
Georgiana Bray Actuarial Analyst georgiana.bray@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.6710
Matthew Brex Consulting Actuary matthew.brex@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2532
Erin Doerschner Administrative Process Coordinator erin.doerschner@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2536
Denise Franchak Actuarial Analyst denise.franchak@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9304
Gabrielle Slaugenhaupt Consultant gabrielle.slaugenhaupt@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9387
Diane Sokol Actuarial Analyst diane.sokol@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9882
Hannah Sterrett Actuarial Analyst hannah.sterrett@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2553
Sue Trout Vice President, Client Relations sue.trout@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2551
Brad Wild Senior Actuary brad.wild@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2527


Municipal Benefits Services

A comprehensive employee benefits Trust administered and serviced by a team of experienced Mockenhaupt employee benefits professionals. www.municipalbenefitsservices.com

Michael Boyd Executive Director michael.boyd@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2520
Tammy Cappo Vice President, Client Services tammy.cappo@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.6307
Kristen Chekan Client Manager kristen.chekan@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2528
Elisa Moore Manager, Administration elisa.moore@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2540



A Mockenhaupt proprietary technology platform that provides data warehousing services to perform financial and clinical analytics, including claims audits, for employer-sponsored employee benefits programs. www.benegration.com


Shayne Pickering Executive Vice President, Analytics spickering@benegration.com 412.246.2530
Alexia Boyd Data Analyst aboyd@benegration.com 412.246.2555
Lisa Jakubiec Manager, Auditing ljakubiec@benegration.com 412.246.2533
Kressie Maricle Data Warehouse Architect kmaricle@benegration.com 412.246.2535
Alison Nilsson Data Analyst anilsson@benegration.com 412.246.2552
Eric Riley Director, Audit Services eriley@benegration.com 412.246.2524


Shared Services

Administrative functions providing foundational support to the Company’s employees and clients through Accounting, Communications, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Sales, and Technology. 

Chris Angelopoulos Systems Architect chris.angelopoulos@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9336
Samantha Bagwell Benefits Resource Manager sam.bagwell@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2531
Kaila McAllister Communications Specialist kaila.mcallister@mbgbenefits.com 412.930.0754
Ava McHugh Human Resources Manager ava.mchugh@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2521
Nate Shaffer Associate Developer nate.shaffer@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2523
Denise Simone Vice President, Sales denise.simone@mbgbenefits.com 412.246.2529
Robin Stantz Accounting Manager robin.stantz@mbgbenefits.com 412.394.9174