Pension Services

Pension Services

You Deserve More than a Report Dropped in the Mail Each Year…
By Working with Us, You’ll Save Time, Money and Reduce Stress

At Mockenhaupt Benefits Group, you’ll not only regularly receive your certified actuarial report, but more importantly, you’ll also receive a partner who will keep you updated on your plan details in a proactive manner. And, your consultant will be a professional, having already worked with hundreds of municipal plans.

Having been in the industry for close to 50 years, we’re aware of even the most minuscule Pennsylvania statues and regulations applicable to the majority of plans, and we pass that knowledge on to you keeping you ahead of the curve.

* MBG Clients: Access copies of your pension plan reports and transfer information securely and conveniently to MBG at any time! Click here to log in to the Cloud Share FTP site.

You Need Us? We’ll Be There

As a client, you’ll receive regular visits from your consultant to meet with you, your officials, employees and governing board. And, while we’re there, we’ll take complex processes and provide succinct, clear interpretations enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your plans when necessary.

We’ll also keep you informed of important legislative issues and court decisions that could affect your plans or budgets. We also anticipate issues that may arise during state audits or contract negotiations and offer suggestions that could expedite, simplify or improve your processes. To keep you further informed, you’ll receive periodic newsletters and bulletins containing timely articles on information you need.

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